ProCircle Resistance Loop Bands

Fabric Resistance Loops are hands down the best invention since sliced bread, and since you're not eating bread because of the carbs then you need these! 

Thick strong fabric covered elastic doesn't ball up, slip or lose traction like the thin plastic resistance bands.  

Awesome for all types of leg workouts.  Even while sitting and watching tv. Just scoot to the end of the couch, put on your bands, and work that booty! 




  1. Place the strap under your knees and keep your feet shoulder-width apart.Stretch your hands forward and keep them flat.The knee stretched back and forth around the hips.

  2. Place the strap on the ankle, bend it slightly, and keep it wide at the shoulder. Select one foot to translate laterally and feel that the tension just stops. The other foot followed.

  3. Place the strap on the wrist and keep it upright. Extend your arms to the sides and repeat the feeling of resistance.

  4. The strap is placed in the middle of the thigh and the body is biased to one side, with the arm supporting the balance. Bend your knees with your feet as support points and repeat the outer legs.

  5. The straps are placed on the knees, and the body squats downwards with their hands on the ground. Keep your knees on your knees and keep your back flat. The other foot, stretched and lifted.





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